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Reliable lab results...
E4 is highly selective about the laboratories it uses to analyze field samples. We ensure labs follow standard industry protocols and that technicians are trained to use E4 Crop Intelligence software to keep your data safe and intact.

Detailed field maps...
E4 will generate a variety of field maps using FSA boundaries or GPS coordinates (if available). Through data interpolation, E4 can provide a visual representation of soil, tissue and grain differentiation across the dimensions of your fields.

Highly valuable information can be derived from systematic agronomic testing—information that often holds the key to higher profitability. This is why E4 offers sampling and testing services for soil, plant tissue and grain.

By combining sampling services, growers can trace the transition of nutrients from ground to grain, allowing them to make informed managerial decisions about current- and future-year crop cycles. E4's proprietary Agronomic Testing software module simplifies the collection, analysis and storage of soil, tissue and grain data.

How it works:

Using the Agronomic Testing software module, customers request the tests of their choosing (soil, tissue, grain, with various options for each).

Experienced E4 sampling technicians retrieve the samples from growers' fields and submit them to E4-approved labs. Once processed, results are fed directly back into the Agronomic Testing software module.
Customers can then access testing data directly, view field maps and generate various reports. (Customers who aren't comfortable with the software can have maps and reports sent to them.)

In the case of soil testing, a fertilizer prescription is automatically generated based on sample data, accessible to customers also utilizing E4's Fertilizer Prescription service.

Testing data is stored in the E4 Data Bank software module for future reference, enabling year-over-year comparative analysis down the line.