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Celebrating 20 years of Crop Expertise!

E4 continues to make a commitment to innovation in the pursuit of helping growers thrive. Read more about E4’s success and future plans!



E4 Crop Intelligence is the first integrated precision ag support platform.

This single-system solution is designed to help growers with their entire precision ag program. We offer hardware, software, precision ag services - plus crop planning, budgeting and consulting support.


Customer testimonial


"E4 has done a good job introducing us into precision farming, which has made our farming operation more efficient and profitable."

- Brad Tremel

Planter Meter Calibration

E4 offers a planter meter & cleaning service that will bring your meter to brand new again! We'll take care of the maintenance for just $30 per meter, eliminating extra time and stress for planting season. Contact us today for more information.

New Crop Consulting Packages Available!

This year, E4 is offering new options that allow you to tailor your plan to the needs of your operation. Choose between the Premium, Pro and Standard packages, along with several services that can be added on.

Contact us for more information.

Value of a Yield Monitor

E4’s Precision Equipment Manager demonstrates the value of correct sensor readings, which help bring accurate information to your yield monitor. This information optimizes decision making to determine ROI on our client’s farming operations.


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